8 Smart Gadgets to Upgrade Your Home and Lifestyle

Peek into the future with these top-of-the-line innovations and evolving technology, conceived to elevate your quality of life. Touchless tools Since the pandemic, there has been an increased emphasis on ways to improve hygiene and safety. Cashless transactions have become the norm as people look for ways to minimise hand-to-hand contact. It thus follows that […]

Roofing 101: Best Materials for Malaysian Weather

Roofs are more than just overhead protection but can also help determine how energy-efficient your home is. Whenever there’s a heat wave, does your home feel like an oven, or do you feel fairly cool and comfortable? Temperature aside, the major contributing factor is the material. Some could be transferring the heat into your home, […]

Home Decor Ideas For a Unique Malaysian Touch

Four classic Malaysian materials that you can incorporate into your home for a dash of local flair. 1. Rattan Lightweight, versatile, budget-friendly, and easily available locally, rattan is a fantastic natural material that can be woven seamlessly into your home. It lends a casual warmth and inviting airiness that complements just about every design style, […]

7 Malaysian Furniture Brands You Need To Know

These homegrown labels are not only proudly made in Malaysia but they are also upholding and reinventing local traditions and artistry. Kantan Kollektiv Specialising in rattan furniture, Kantan Kollektiv’s offerings emphasise originality and individuality. Their pieces are inspired by the founders’ travels and draw upon the ever-changing zeitgeist of locales around the world, merging East […]