Building Quality Homes

Building quality homes at IQI Concept means more than just constructing a structure, it’s about creating a place where memories are made and families can truly call their own. We pay close attention to every detail, from layout and design to materials and finishes, using only the highest quality materials and technology to bring our clients’ vision to life. With our team of experts, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and results, ensuring that every family we serve can be proud of their dream home for years to come.

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Why choose IQI Concept?

The process of designing a home is complex and a lot to be taken care of. With our experience and expertise, we are here to provide a hassle free experience and create the perfect home or office environment that fits your flair, lifestyle and philosophy. Our job is to do all for you from A to Z. You will get the full benefit of design expertise right from the beginning. We keep your project on track, source materials and products, and execute the entire process. After all, we want to help you achieve your ideal home environment and improve your quality of life.

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The Process

  • 01

    Discuss client’s needs, scope, budget and design possibilities following with a site visit.

  • 02

    Detailed quotation and proposal presentation with client.

  • 03

    Upon confirmation, a non-refundable deposit will be collected.

  • 04

    Drawings and plans will be drawn out as per discussed. Regulatory approvals will be done if required.

  • 05

    Renovation will start here. All work will be scheduled and materials will be ordered.

  • 06
    Site Handover

    Site completion to be handed over. Follow up with after sales service with 1 year warranty for our scope of work

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?
We're a full-service interior design firm that can take care of everything from concept to execution. We specialize in residential and commercial office design projects. Besides, we also offer architecture services which include architectural drawings and submission of necessary permits, saving you from going through all the trouble.
Do you charge for site visit?
We do not charge any fees for site visits and our consultations are non-obligatory.
How do we get started?

We always begin with an initial consultation in which we meet you on-site and learn as much as possible about your project. Following that, we'll give you a detailed estimate of how much our interior design services will cost. Submit your inquiry and we’ll get in touch with you!


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