IQI Concept Top 8 Interior Projects in 2023

Embarking on the dynamic journey of interior design and construction, IQI Concept proudly leads the way, transforming visions into tangible realities. As we traverse through the year 2023, we proudly present a captivating display of creativity, functionality, and aesthetic excellence embodied in IQI Concept’s standout projects. Let’s delve into the intricacies of each, discovering the unique stories they tell and the innovation they embody.

1. Sand.Stone: Modern Contemporary Bliss

Inspired by the client’s passions for books, music, coffee, and alcohol, Sand.Stone encapsulates a modern contemporary oasis. Warm sandstone hues blend seamlessly with grey and occasional black accents, creating an inviting atmosphere. The integration of built-in cabinets caters to the client’s book and liquor collection, while a tailored TV console accommodates music players and Bose speakers.

2. Midnight Noir: Dark Elegance at Eco Ardence

For those drawn to a dark aesthetic, Midnight Noir at Eco Ardence mesmerizes with its enveloping dark color palette. Refined cement-textured paint adds depth to the common area, and a sophisticated transition in flooring accents the kitchen and entertainment area. The master bedroom exudes luxury with a half-height bedhead and a sensor-lit tatami bedframe, creating a cozy haven.

bedroom concept

3. Serene Chic: Bungalow Beauty in Shah Alam

Nestled in Shah Alam, Serene Chic transforms a bungalow into a restful sanctuary with a chic flair. A luxurious double-volume stone effect feature wall takes center stage, adorned with wood paneling for depth. The bold espalier green of the dry kitchen, coupled with Neolith countertops, asserts a moody and refined aesthetic, bringing warmth to every room.

4. Twilight: Luxurious Modern Contemporary

Twilight, located in Temasya, embraces luxury with a full-length TV wall panel and sleek grey glossy marble tiles making a statement upon entry. The navy-blue dry kitchen adds elegance, and a thoughtfully expanded wet kitchen caters to the client’s love for cooking. Skylights and glass folding doors create a bright and open space, enhancing the kitchen’s charm.

wet kitchen extension skylight

5. A Tranquil Haven: Modern Light Luxury Retreat

A Tranquil Haven, a semi-D home, exudes sophistication with delicate gold accents defining the common area. The guest room’s versatility is enhanced with a wall-mounted foldable bed, optimizing floor space. Fibre optic lights add enchantment, creating a serene ambiance throughout the property.

pool design

6. Creamy Comfort: Modern American Classic Condo

Crafted for a family of four, Creamy Comfort envelops a condo in warm cream tones and neutral soft furnishings. Functionality meets style with ample storage cleverly integrated into every corner. From hidden storage in the TV panel to a designated pantry, clutter is effortlessly concealed, preserving a clean and relaxed ambiance.

7. The Understated Luxury: Contemporary Elegance at Eco Ardence

The Understated Luxury, situated in Eco Ardence, exudes elegance with a darker hue and delicate gold accents. The dry kitchen, featuring a marble-look sintered stone countertop, becomes the focal point of the common area. The master bedroom radiates opulence with a half-height velvet bedhead, while the son’s room balances playfulness and functionality.

modern contemporary luxury kitchen island

8. Duplex Delight: Harmonizing Functionality and Aesthetics

In a modern duplex condo in Damansara Perdana, IQI Concept harmoniously marries functionality with aesthetics. A subtle red accent graces the common space, and a specially crafted mild steel glass panel door transforms a family area into a dedicated cat and bunnies’ room, offering dual access for ventilation and attentive oversight.

Our dedication to excellence shines through in IQI Concept’s top 8 projects of 2023, where we take pride in turning spaces into personalized havens that mirror the unique stories and preferences of our clients. Each project is an artistic canvas adorned with the brushstrokes of innovation, creativity, and the expertise of our visionary designers and builders. Anticipate more inspiring projects in 2024 as we continue our journey of crafting remarkable spaces.

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