Kitchen Fengshui


A few simple tweaks here and there will help get the chi flowing and better Feng Shui in your house.

Feng Shui at home

#1 Enter the dragon

The front door and entry way represents first impressions – how the world sees you and how you face what’s outside. That makes it is one of the most important parts of the house that you need to pay attention to. Keep the area clean and tidy, keep only what’s necessary there and make sure they’re placed neatly. Shoes, for example, should be on racks and not strewn across the floor. Check the lighting; get brighter bulbs if necessary, as you don’t want to dim your presence in the world, so to speak. If your house number is shown on the door, make sure it’s clean, straight and easily visible, so luck and opportunities know exactly which door to knock on.

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#2 KonMari your clutter

Take a leaf from queen of declutter Marie Kondo and clean up your home. If it doesn’t spark joy, out it goes! That’s how feng shui works too. A clean and neat home has ample space for good energy to flow about, leading to clarity and leaving room to be filled with abundance. Invest in practical and adequate storage solutions so that everything has its place.

#3 Best bed position

Your bed is a significant piece of furniture because you spend a lot of time in it. Think about it: You sleep in it for an average of 7 to 8 hours every night, some afternoons you nap, other times you relax in it. The feng shui of your bed therefore can have a strong effect on you. Place it in what is known as the commanding position, that is, facing the door or where you are able to see the door. In feng shui terms, this position lets you be fully aware of what’s approaching, giving you control of your life. You will find your stress and anxiety levels decreasing and even sleep better.

#4 Slow down the flow

Does your front door lead to the back door in a straight line? Or is there a flight of stairs facing your front door? Either of these are not ideal, as energy will zoom through the entrance and out the back or up the stairs. That’s akin to having good things enter your life only to disappear quickly. Soften or slow down the energy rush by placing something in the path that gives cause for pause. For example, throw a colourful rug on the floor or hang an eye-catching piece of art on the wall.

#5 Fix what’s broken

Broken objects or things that no longer work represents obstacles in your life. The more you have these lying around the house, the more they could impede how things go in your life. Check for loose fittings, squeaky hinges, batteries that have gone flat…if it can be fixed, do it. If not, bin it.

#6 Raise the bar

Have you or your family members been feeling a little low lately? Take a good look at any art pieces, photographs, and mirrors you have around the house. Are they hung relatively low on the walls? That could be bringing down the chi in your home. Try moving them to a higher position and observe if your moods change.

#7 Mirror, mirror on the wall

There’s a joke that likens mirrors in home decor to aspirin because they’re used to remedy various things, including expanding a space and bringing more light into a room. In feng shui, the more important question is what is your mirror reflecting? That’s because they amplify things and situations. If your mirror faces a sharp object, for example, that could cause you to get into more prickly situations. See your bills reflected in the mirror? Watch for rising debts. So before placing a mirror anywhere in your home, check where and what it faces.

#8 Plants are life

Freshness, health, vitality – green plants are typically associated with these. They epitomise life as they’re connected to nature. Having plants in the home is therefore a good feng shui move as they cultivate positive, healing energy. Choose the ones that can grow well given the space you can allocate for them and the amount of natural light the area gets. Also consider that plants, too, symbolise different things so choose according to what you want to bring into your life. Here’s a quick guide.

#9 When one door closes

Doors represent many things in feng shui: Your voice, communication, and gateway to opportunities. Maintain your doors well, make sure that they’re sturdy and work well. That means no creaky hinges or loose knobs, and open easily. You also want to check that your doors can open a full 90 degrees and are not hindered by clutter, so that you receive all the opportunities and not close yourself off to any.

#10 Seal your wealth

As water is related to wealth, incorporating good feng shui practices in the bathroom can usher in more prosperity and abundance in your life. Make sure there is no water wastage so as not to let your wealth trickle away. Check for leaks, do what you can to conserve water, close the toilet seat when not in use, and keep the bathroom door closed at all times.

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